Program of live workshop Oct. 4th

Start 13:00 UTC

Time UTC America (ET) Europe (CEST) Asia (UTC+8) Duration [min] Title
13:00 9:00 15:00 21:00 10 Opening
13:10 9:10 15:10 21:10 20 Keynote: Stefan Sommer "Stochastic Shape analysis and Probabilistic Geometric Statistics" (more info.)
13:30 9:30 15:30 21:30 30 Block 1: Shape Methods (Short presentations + questions)
Uncertainty reduction in contour-based 3D/2D registration of bone surfaces
Learning Shape Priors from Pieces
Bi-invariant Two-Sample Tests in Lie Groups for Shape Analysis
Composition of Transformations in the Registration of Sets of Points or Oriented Points

Break 14:00 - 14:10 UTC

Time UTC America (ET) Europe (CEST) Asia (UTC+8) Duration [min] Title
14:10 10:10 16:10 22:10 20 Keynote: Aasa Feragen "Uncertainty quantification in non-Euclidean domains" (more info.)
14:30 10:30 16:30 22:30 30 Block 2: Shape Learning (Short presentations + questions)
A Method for Semantic Knee Bone and Cartilage Segmentation with Deep 3D Shape Fitting Using Data From the Osteoarthritis Initiative
D-Net: Siamese based Network for Arbitrarily Oriented Volume Alignment
Interpretation of Brain Morphology in Association to Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Classification Using Graph Convolutional Networks on Triangulated Meshes
Uncertain-DeepSSM: From Images to Probabilistic Shape Models

Break 15:00 - 15:20 UTC

Time UTC America (ET) Europe (CEST) Asia (UTC+8) Duration [min] Title
15:20 11:20 17:20 23:20 20 Keynote: Ross Whitaker "Data-Driven Shape Analysis: Applications and Future" (more info.)
15:40 11:40 17:40 23:40 30 Block 3: Shape Applications (Short presentations + questions)
Learning a statistical full spine model from partial observations
Individual Vertebrae Classification using Shape
Patient Specific Classification of Dental Root Canal and Crown Shape
Combined Estimation of Shape and Pose for Statistical Analysis of Articulating Joints
16:10 12:10 18:10 00:10 15 Closing and Best paper award by Guido Gerig, president of the ShapeSIG

End 16:30 UTC